Paul Kevin Porter

Landscape and Travel Photographer @paulkporter

Currently located in Essex, I look to explore the environment that I am in and capture it in my own special way.

The main reason behind my photography is to share my vision of the world with others, and inspire them to explore too.

I supplied both interior and exterior images for The Four Seasons Resorts and Residences Whistler a luxury destination resort in Whistler, British Columbia. My “Blacktusk hidden in the clouds” image being used for their “Escape” marketing project. This image was featured in both The Globe and Mail and the Vancouver Sun every week from November 2013 to April 2014, and my image of the hotel being the main image now used for marketing purposes, and on the front of the fourseasons.com/whistler website.

I have also supplied images for cover artwork for the Whistler Band Ruckus Deluxe, had images featured in Canadian Geographic and Ski magazine, had my image of a Toronto break through artist on the front of Vision a cultural Newspaper and also had my images displayed at a varity or different exhibits.

I have clients who purchased images to display in their homes and offices in Arizona, Hawaii, Vancouver, Toronto and all over England

I have a photography diploma from the Shaw Acadamy and most recently received designation as an Associate Photographer with MPIO, Master Photographers International.

In my free time, I now find myself studying  TEFL, Travel Journalism and advanced Travel Photography as well as exploring the local area that I grew up in, with a different view. Since I started my studies, I have had multiple articles published at www.thematadornetwork.com including articles published on long exposure photography and Iceland.

Having recently relocated back in the UK after seven years in Canada, I am available to work on photography projects.  I am happy to travel for the right project.

It is important to me that I supply the right images for the right project and so pick my projects wisely.  I look forward to growing my portfolio and inspiring others with my imagery.

20140207 - pkp - northern lights over alta lake-142

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