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Instagram is a social media application that is purely visual. Photographs and short video clips are poured over by the 400 million or so users every day. It is my favourite medium in social media as it is an easy way of having your images seen by others.

Using simple hashtags, your images have the potential to be seen by thousands.

I have been fortunate enough to be featured in some big accounts recently such as @toplondonphoto and @topparisphoto and I am pleased to say that my images are receiving more ‘likes’ than ever before.



I also received an email from Pens and Patron to tell me that I have one of 10 Astounding up and coming travel Instagram accounts 🙂 Check out the link here:




I will just say, please check out the others from the list too:










As we are all in the same boat and enjoy sharing our images.

Also, please check out those who are sharing my images:






Are you on Instagram?  Head over to @paulkporter and follow my adventure 🙂

Hit the link and then give me a follow 🙂




And remember to follow my journey 🙂

Instagram: @paulkporter

#paulies365   #explorewithpaul   #paulkporterphotography

Twitter: @pkpphoto

Facebook: paulkporterphotography


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  1. Stuart Whaymand says:

    Brilliant sight Paul. Any hints and tips you’ve got on night shooting would be appreciated. What type of camera do you use? Love the clarity in the images. It’s _discostu from instagram

    Liked by 1 person

    1. paulkporter says:

      Hey Stuart, Thank you!

      I am a Nikon shooter, the images I share have been made with either a Nikon D7100 or a D750. Check out the links below for some tips to getting you well on your way.



      I look forward to seeing what you capture!



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