My camera bag is packed and I am getting ready to head into London to capture the New Years Eve Fireworks. I am sat in the warm confines of my comfy home, going through the thousands of images I have made over the year. The rain can be heard on the window as I constantly deliberate getting wet and stuck in the hoardes of crowds that will pack the train getting in and out of, still one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been too.

2015 was a crazy year and there are constant memory jolts. From Toronto, Canada to the UK for a wedding, camping under 24 hour sunshine in Iceland’s amazing beauty (I have to go back) then back to Toronto to explore more of the city where I temporarily called home. I was relocating back to the UK in November and I had to see a little more of Canada before I left, so I visited Montreal, Ottowa and Mt Tremblant.

After relocating back to the UK, I couldnt sit still and went on a quick trip to visit my buddy Vincent Croos in Medellin, Colombia. Proving that you cannot photograph everywhere, we had a gun pulled on us by a Police officer (I do not speak Spanish and so we believe it was for our own safety, but it was still scary). Followed by another quick trip to Munich to photograph the Chistmas Markets and Neuschwanstein Castle, which ended in my train catching on fire and me missing my first flight ever. I keep being told that this is a script that is impossible to write.

I have just taken a quick hiking trip to Wales with Magma Fitness (you should contact them for your fitness and nutrition needs) to blow out the cobwebs after Christmas and prepare for 2016.

Most importantly, I became an Uncle for the first time and made the right decision to be home with my family. We have been blessed with a little angel that I now get to photograph on a regular basis.

Here is a quick slideshow of some of my favourite images from 2015.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, what a year that was, I could have included so many more images. It has been extremely busy, I have been fortunate to learn a lot this year and travel a lot. I am constantly learning from those around me. This year has ended well, being back at home in England, spending time with my family and friends who I have missed, while making new friends around the world.

Thank you so much for following my journey ! I look forward to inspiring you with what I have planned to come.


Of course, rain aside, I am now off to try and capture some fireworks over London.

I want to wish you all, a Happy New Year and THANK YOU for supporting me 🙂

PS, I still have some 2016 calenders left, leave a comment or send me a message.



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. sameerkamal says:

    Love it! You don’t hang around do you? Great writing to go with the amazing images.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. paulkporter says:

      Thanks mate, can’t hang around, places to see and people to meet 🙂 I shall be catching up with you in 2016 I hope !!!


      1. sameerkamal says:

        Absolutely! Yoi otoshi o omukae kudasai!


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