Marienplatz Christmas Markets

The steam can be seen coming from the cups of gluhwein, as gloved hands raise the warming vessels to cold lips. The smell of cinnamon, oranges, cloves and red wine tickles red noses as it warms and becomes Gluhwein on the outdoor stoves.  Bright lights and colours are everywhere. Salted pretzels and roasting chestnuts are available on every corner, this is the Marienplatz Christmas Market. Munich’s largest and oldest Christmas market that is a beautiful spectacle and great for exploring.

20151209| paulkporter | Marienplatz Xmas Markt-4
Gluhwein keeps the shoppers warm and creates a very warming and social environment.
20151209| paulkporter | Marienplatz Xmas Markt
This is just coffee, as it was a bit early for Gluhwein. New City Hall is in the background, it has the famous Glockenspiel which has figures telling Munich’s history in a twelve-minute long show.
20151209| paulkporter | Marienplatz Xmas Markt-3
The markets come to life at night with locals and tourists sharing tables and conversation.
20151209| paulkporter | Marienplatz Xmas Markt-5
Weihnachtsmann, or Father Christmas, can be found all over the markets.
20151209| paulkporter | Marienplatz Xmas Markt-6
Warm smiles and friendly faces are everywhere. There is a nice feeling as you weave through the streets.
20151209| paulkporter | Marienplatz Xmas Markt-7
This is the perfect place to pick up gifts for the family. You find yourself drawn into all the warm and festive colours and purchasing things for all the family.
20151209| paulkporter | Marienplatz Xmas Markt-8
The wooden toys are not just for children, they all have a little story to tell and the detail that goes into each piece make them great value for money.
20151209| paulkporter | Marienplatz Xmas Markt-9
Germany is famous for its nutcrackers, and this market is no exception. These decorative soldiers have been part of the Christmas tradition since the 15th century. In the form of Kings and soldiers, these wooden carvings are everywhere and make the perfect gift.
20151209| paulkporter | Marienplatz Xmas Markt-10
Do not overlook the tiny alleyways, you never know where they may lead. This is beside the Rathaus and the market stalls look great surrounded by the neo-gothic architecture.


Marienplatz Christmas Markets is a fantastic place to walk around, soak up the atmosphere, and pick up some bits and bobs. Have you been? What did you think?


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  1. sameerkamal says:

    Awesome pictures, love how you capture the atmosphere of the place.


    1. paulkporter says:

      Thankyou Sameer! Its a great spot, you have to check it out 🙂


  2. Love the opening paragraph. Great writing bro.


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