Ottawa Sunrise

Ottawa is Canada’s capital and an incredibly photogenic city, especially in fall (Autumn). As I recently received my Canadian Citizenship, I felt that I should pay a visit to the capital of the country that has allowed me an incredible past few years. I had a very short time for a visit, but Ottawa made a big impression on me.

Sunrise and sunset are the best times for photographers, as the light can be magnificant. I had a feeling that the sunrise over Ottawa was definitely going to be worth waking up early for.

20151014 - pkp - Ottawa from Pont du Portage Bridge
Riviere Des Outaouais (Ottawa River), the river that divides Quebec and Ontario

5:45 am and the alarm is silenced. I sprang out of bed and peeked out of the window. Thankfully it was not raining. Time to head out and find my spot to capture Ottawa’s sunrise.  I left the hotel and headed to the Pont du Portage Bridge to cross the Ottawa river. One of the best viewpoints of Parliment Hill is from Gatineau in Quebec, right on the river, and I needed to get there before 7 am.

20151014 - pkp - Ottawa from Pont du Portage Bridge close
The blue changed to purple over Parliament

My day started well, crossing the Pont Du Portage Bridge, the blue hue over Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River stopped me in my tracks.

20151014 - pkp - Sunrise over Parliment from The Voyagers Pathway
The reds and greens against the dark sky offered great contrast

Once across the bridge, the Voyageurs Pathway leads along the Ottawa River and offers multiple photographic opportunities of Parliament Hill. The fall colours were really ‘popping’ under the morning light.

20151014 - pkp - Ottawa - Canadian Museum of History
Parliment Hill from The Canadian Museum of History

The Canadian Museum of History is right on the bank of the water, and a masterpiece of a building, designed by Douglas Cardinal. It gives a perfect area for exploring and photographic opportunities while choosing my spot for sunrise.

20151014 - pkp - Ottawa - Sunrise Maple
Yellow Maple leaf looks so delicate against the hard gray stone

I found the bank of the Ottawa river was the best place for me to capture the sunrise. There were lots of different elements that caught my eye, that would allow different layers in my images. When making landscape images, it is good to have layers throughout the image. I liked the yellow maple leaf, so small and delicate in the grand scheme of the overall image.

20151014 - pkp - Ottawa - Sunrise over the Fairmont
7:20 am the sun starts to rise above Ottawa

The sun rises over the Rideau Canal, highlighting everything in its path. The shadows from the castle-like, Fairmont hotel, give dark silhouettes against a warm foreground.

20151014 - pkp - Ottawa Fall Sunrise
As well as taking photographs, it is also a time to stop and reflect. I was happy to have woken early and withstood the cold. It was worth it.
20151014 - pkp - Ottawa sunrise over Ottawa River
There are so many different angles, it is worth taking time to explore them all.

There is a very small shoreline, that was worth investigating. Getting down low, for a ‘worm’s eye view’ gives another perspective to the world around you.

20151014 - pkp - Ottawa - fluttering
Kans grass (Saccharum spontaneum) fluttering in the sunrise

After the sun rose, I continued my walk along the Voyageurs Pathway towards Pont Alexandra Bridge, still being captivated by the views around me.

20151014 - pkp - Ottawa Greens and Reds
The morning light highlighting the yellows, greens and reds.

The view from the bridge did not disappoint either. Being above the river and the grounds of The Canadian Museum of History, the fresh morning light, highlighted the colours below me.

I like to inspire people to explore with my images and Ottawa is well worth exploring.

Ottawa, as expected, is a very well maintained city. I had anticipated a well-manicured city, as it is the Capital of Canada, and I was not disappointed. The grand Victorian architecture mixed with modern architecture blends really well, especially in fall. I was very impressed and am very happy with the scenes that I was able to capture.

Have you been to Ottawa? What did you think?


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