For Sale: 1991 Volkswagen Golf GTI 8v

For Sale:

1991 Montana Green Volkswagen Golf GTI 8v.

The time has come for me to regrettably part with my phenomenal little car. I do not want to sell her, but unfortunately, she cannot come with me on my next adventure.

At 24 years old, she is almost ready for collectors plates. She has been on many adventures while I have had her, and if the road connecting North America to Europe was ready, then I would most certainly take her on that adventure too.

The Little car that would.
On the Icefields Parkway. She drove 7000km from Whistler to Toronto in 6 days and never faultered
Paul Porter - Little Green Car-3
She is a classic and is ready for a new adventure

She was recently valued between $5000 and $6000 due to her condition. I have invested over $8000 in this car since I purchased her in April 2011. She has taken me on many adventures ranging from getting groceries to driving across Canada, where she didn’t skip a beat. She is currently registered in Toronto.

Paul Porter - Little Green Car-5
She likes long drives to the beach

She recently passed 345678km, I was due to relocate to Colorado and so had her fully inspected for that trip. She is all set and good to go on her next adventure.

The Good:

  • Pretty much everything
  • Very well maintained. Regularly serviced at Salim’s on Queen Street East since based in Toronto.
  • Garaged for the last 4 years
  • Standard 5 speed
  • Very solid all round, immaculate interior
  • Very minimal rust
  • Winter tires all round (I do not use the car much, so maintained the winter tires) 2 new ones fitted to the front this year
  • Sunroof (doesn’t leak)
  • Recent replacement of the windscreen and rear screen
  • No electric windows or central locking, means nothing to go wrong
  • When down shifting, she makes some lovely bangs and burbles
  • Recent service, and new radiator fitted
  • Does not drink oil
  • All the lights work
  • She has a great heater

The Bad:

  • Passenger door handle doesn’t open the door – Not sure what happened, it just stopped. It is a new handle, so probably an easy fix.
  • The radio is not very good
  • The hydraulics to hold the rear hatch up, do not hold the hatch up
  • Tiny bit of rust and some small scratches, not bad for 24 years old
  • Small dent in the roof – was there when I got it.
  • The wheels are the original VW teardrop rims and could use a refinish, but are straight and true

Serious buyers only, it is important that this car goes to someone who will look after her like I have. If I was not relocating, I would not sell.

$4000 OBO

Car is currently in a garage near downtown Toronto

Call Paul – 416 371 2250

Car will be listed on Autotrader and eBay

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