Coffee Shop: Tommy | Old Montreal

After exploring the Notre Dame Basilica in Old Montreal, what better way to reflect upon the history and beauty that you have just witnessed, than with a quick cup of coffee.
paulkporterphotography - 201308 - Montreal - Tommy's Coffee shop - Outside

Situated on the corner of Rue St Francis Xavier and Rue Notre Dame Ouest, is the old British Empire Building. Inside is home to Tommy, a recent addition to the coffee scene in Old Montreal.

paulkporterphotography - 201308 - Montreal - Tommys inside 1

Walking up the steps, the sunlight is blinding as it reflects off the huge windows. Stepping through the door you are greeted with an incredible coffee aroma in a light, airy room that is filled with people sipping on beverages and conversing predominantly in either French or English.

paulkporterphotography - 201308 - Montreal - Tommy's delightsAt the counter, along with the smiles, you are greeted with a colourful selection of treats and beverages. I ordered a cappuccino and almond biscotti and took in my surroundings.

paulkporterphotography - 201308 - Montreal - Tommy's Cappachino and Almond Slice

My cappuccino was $4 and biscotti was 75c. Some may think a little on the expensive side, but bear in mind this is the tourist hot spot in Old Montreal. I appreciate the value of a good coffee, in a great environment and so did not think that this was too expensive for where I was. The service was great and there are water bottles strategically placed on every counter top, with glasses, so that you never need to ask for water.  They also have great wi-fi.

paulkporterphotography - 201308 - Montreal - Tommy's inside 2

Tommy is only 3 months old and is beautifully done. The light from the large windows really helps and the decor is white paint and light coloured wood. This enhances the room and offers a welcoming feeling.

Tommy is a busy place. There is a constant stream of both tourists and locals. There is a lot of energy in the environment.

There were people working, studying, relaxing and just hanging out discussing the world. I really enjoyed my time there and will definitely go back again, next time I am in Montreal.

paulkporterphotography - 201308 - Montreal - Tommys coffee overload

Even if you are not having the best day, Tommy is a great spot to forget about your worries for a while.

Have you been to Tommy? What did you think?


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