Exploring Albion Falls

Standing, looking over the edge, watching the water fall away in front of you. Ontario is not known for its hills and elevation, that is left to the West Coast. Hamilton in Ontario is an hour (give or take) outside of Downtown Toronto and is actually home to 100 waterfalls, giving great spots to relax, explore and enjoy; Oh, and take a photograph or two.

Vincent Croos and I were in the Hamilton area for the Pan Am games Soccer Tournament, and felt that it would be rude not explore at least one waterfall. We gathered our equipment and headed to Albion Falls, probably the most scenic and  popular of all the falls.

20150725 - pkp - albion falls-29
Albion Falls

A short drive from downtown Hamilton; Albion falls is a 62 foot, cascading waterfall.  There is a viewing area, some hiking trails and a car park, making this a very easy waterfall to get too. Once there, the trail to the bottom is not too tough either.

It is well worth the visit, but choose your time of visit wisely. This was a reconnoissance trip to assess and explore, and then come back at a different time. We understood it would be busy, but perhaps underestimated how busy it would be.

20150725 - pkp - albion falls-1
Yeh, busy

There were people everywhere, young couples sunbathing, families with BBQ’s, photographers scrambling to get an image with no people in the frame, kids swimming and more ‘selfie’ sticks than you can ‘poke a stick at,’ pardon the pun.

20150725 - pkp - albion falls-21
Focus, Vincent

Vincent and I took the time to explore the area and the different angles that Albion Falls would be able to provide. We were fortunate (patient) enough to time it just right and capture a few images without people in them.

Albion Falls,  a cool spot for all ages
Albion Falls, a cool spot for all ages

If you are heading to take some photographs, remember to check if your camera is splash proof, a quick change in the wind direction can get you and your equipment a little wet when photographing a waterfall.

20150725 - pkp - albion falls-27
Cascades of water

Also, make sure you take in the scene. Often a lot of time is spent looking through the viewfinder, and this is understandable, but make sure you take time to look and explore. Get a feel for the environment and let the image come to you, rather than forcing it.

20150725 - pkp - albion falls-28
more steps than in a Rocky movie

Standing with my toes in the water, an uncontrollable smile came over my face.  I was immersing myself into the natural surroundings and capturing the moment. This reminded me of being a kid, on the occasional hot Sunday, when my parents took me to a small spot in the countryside where two rivers met, my sister and I would splash around in the shallow water. This helped me look around the area and to create these images.

20150725 - pkp - albion falls-23
Explore, Relax and Enjoy

Nowadays far too many people are cooped up in front of their televisions, playing with video games or the internet instead of playing outside.  It was great to see kids splashing around, their cloths soaked and with huge smiles from ear to ear, and elderly ladies dipping their toes in the water. Albion Falls is a great recreational spot for everyone.

If you head to Albion Falls, let me know how you got on, and don’t forget to share your images.

If you need some help, fill out a comment or contact me. I am always happy to help and eager to head out with my camera.



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