Toronto’s New Legacy Workshop

The 2015 Pan Am Games has brought to the City of Toronto,  a new photographic opportunity. No tourist or photographer in Toronto can pass up the highlighted TORONTO sign at Nathan Phillips Square. With bold colours, and perfect framing, I believe that this sign was designed and implemented by a photographer.

20150715 - pkp - Pan Am fireworks-4
“Oh Hey There!”  New TORONTO sign

My photography workshop partner Vincent Croos and I, decided to run a beginner photography workshop, incorporating the new sign, and the fireworks.

Offering a workshop at Nathan Phillips Square meant that we could help people learn their camera, capture the sign, and learn how to capture fireworks, should they wish too.

20150715 - pkp - Pan Am fireworks-7
The crowds draw in, get there early for a good spot.

We met at 7pm which was very early considering the fireworks do not go off until 10:45 / 11pm. We got there early because the crowds build up fast, and tripod space becomes a premium after 8pm.

20150715 - pkp - Pan Am fireworks-3
From the right, at sunset

While waiting for the sun to go down, we discussed depth of field, lens choice and various different camera settings. We then looked at the area and discussed, as a group, the best viewpoint in preparation for the fireworks. We took our spot, on the raised platform and waited, the whole time jostling for position, as we had key spots and people wanted to take over.

When the fireworks started, our patience had paid off. It looked like City Hall was on fire.

20150715 - pkp - Pan Am fireworks-22
Fireworks make city hall look like its on fire

Patience is key for the fireworks, and we all played with different settings, with Vincent and I sharing our settings with the group and allowing them to make their own decisions on how and what to capture. 
20150715 - pkp - Pan Am fireworks-34

Once the fireworks had stopped and the crowds cleared, we went for a beer to discuss the evening. We said our farewells, and I couldn’t help but to go back again now it was quiet.

There were still people playing with different angles and options, but you really cant beat a straight on look.

20150715 - pkp - Pan Am fireworks-40

I especially liked getting low, an angle I did not see taken by any photographers during my time at the sign. Hovering my camera just above the water and capturing the water ripples, with the sign out of focus, gave me my last image of the evening.

20150715 - pkp - Pan Am fireworks-41

Fortunately enough,  the sign will be staying  and eventually moved around the city, allowing a lot more image making opportunities.

Now, get out there to Nathan Phillips Square, make some images and share them 🙂 If you need some help, fill out a comment or contact me. I am always happy to help and eager to head out with my camera.


And remember to follow my journey 🙂

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  1. Vincent Croos says:

    Great shots Paul. Can’t wait to shoot more Panamania.

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