Happy Canada Day :)

July 1st 2015 is Canada’s 148th birthday and this is my sixth year celebrating Canada Day, in Canada, and my first with dual citizenship as both English and Canadian.

This week I feature six images of what Canada means to me. This blog was meant to be published on July 1st, but at the last-minute, I wanted to add an image from the Canada Day fireworks display over Toronto.


Take a big deep breath.  The fresh air that fills your lungs, the activities and the escape. I love the mountains. Hiking, biking and skiing, are just a sample of activities on offer. This is rural Canada. An old farm truck, rusting at the base of Mount Currie. I love the colours, and that I can get lost looking into this image.

Dodging Mount Currie


Dip your toes in, its cold but refreshing. Lost Lake, in Whistler, is a popular swimming spot in the summer and one of the most popular lakes. I enjoy photographing lakes. You can capture movement, freeze time and make reflection images that highlight the beautiful surroundings. I spent a lot of time exploring Lost Lake park. This image was captured in early November. The snow was still promising a great upcoming ski season.


The Aurora Borealis

Looking at the watch, it is after midnight. It is very dark and you ponder your decision to be outside. As you breath out, you see your breath in front of you. Its cold but exciting at the same time. The Aurora Borealis can be seen in Whistler. I love capturing this magnificent natural phenomenon. I get great excitement in what may or may not be happening in the sky. I spent a lot of time in the cold, watching and waiting for the Aurora and more often than not, I would find an obstacle hiding the colourful lights. Never deterred, on the occasions that I did capture the lights, it was magnificent.  This image was captured after I had finished a session on a frozen lake, and feel that it was the better capture of the evening.

Aurora Rail.


There she is ! We have to stop the car. While driving across Canada, from Whistler to Toronto, it was in Northern Ontario that I came across this Moose, a beautiful Canadian Icon. Lots of Canadian friends have told me that in all their years, they have never seen a moose. I was fortunate to capture the moment. In Canada, we are surrounded by national symbols, that make for great photographs.

Isn’t she beautiful.


It is so big that it cannot hide, the CN Tower seems to pop up in every image of Toronto. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and the CN Tower is Toronto’s icon, but there is something else that we see all day everyday. The Red Rocket, the streetcars, operate twenty-four hours a day, and are just as iconic as a black taxi in London. They also offer to be great photographic subjects. Capturing a streetcar, still or moving, is a great way to practise photography. I knew I wanted to make this image, but I had to wait for lots of different variables to come together before I could make it. It was worth the wait, as this is one of my favourite Toronto images.

Ready to Roll

Great Opportunities

Canadian cities are not as old as others around the world, but they have their own charm. Vancouver is a very photogenic city, surrounded by ocean and mountains, it’s busy, but has a relaxed feel to it. There is often an argument over which city is better between Vancouver and Toronto, I believe both have their merits and both offer opportunities, it is down to the individual on which is better.

20140402 - pkp - last vancity trip-272

Canada has been very good to me, and should be on everyone’s list of must see places in the world. I have been very fortunate to be able to explore in-depth, and continue to do so. It is a great place for a photographer to practice their art.

Happy 148th Birthday Canada 🙂

Canada day fireworks 2015



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