Only a couple of hours in Portsmouth

20150530 - pkp - Tabs wedding-14
Go for a walk and take your camera with you.

Wednesday June 3rd, I catch up with my friend, photography workshop partner and fellow travel photographer and writer, Vincent Croos ( as we head off to explore Iceland.

I have rented a camper van and we have a basic idea of what we want to see and where we want to go.  Of course, my focus is photography, while Vincent will be focussing on both photography and video. This is going to be quite the adventure.

Throughout this trip, I will be tagging:

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So make sure you follow, the social media links at the bottom of this blog. I am sure there will be a few stories to share.

In the meantime, I recently visited Portsmouth, in the UK for a wedding.

Portsmouth is a seaside town on the South Coast of England, sixty four miles South West from London. Portsmouth has been a significant Naval Port throughout English history and is still a major dockyard for the Royal Navy.

This was a two day trip, and technically I only had one afternoon for personal photographic opportunities. You may question if it was worth it, but I fully believe that any time behind the camera is a good time for me. Moving from hotels and restaurants along a beautiful quay area with my camera slung over my shoulder,  I was able to briefly explore and potentially capture something.

To make things easier and quicker, I took only my 50mm 1.4 prime lens. This meant no worrying about what lens to use, just point and shoot.

20150530 - pkp - Tabs wedding-5
The Spinnaker Tower, over looking history | 1/50 second exposure | f13 | ISO 110

The Navel history surrounding Portsmouth is evident everywhere you go in the buildings and infrastructure of the town.

The Spinnaker Tower is Portsmouth’s newest landmark and main focal point. Standing 170 m above Gunwharf Keys in Portsmouth’s main retail area, it has a viewing platform up the top, looking towards Gosport and the Isle of Wight.

20150530 - pkp - Tabs wedding-10
Portsmouth | 1/400 second exposure | f8.0 | ISO 100

The buildings in Portsmouth are a variety of shapes and sizes, offering different viewpoints and photographic opportunities. Walking through the tiny streets, and alley ways, there is a visual delight.  Colourful boats, historic buildings and traditional British pubs form the waterfront.

In my short period of time, I was gifted with a beautiful blue sky, with white fluffy clouds scattered throughout. The late afternoon light on the buildings was amazing.

20150530 - pkp - Tabs wedding-14
Portsmouth Boats | 1/250 second exposure | f6.3 | ISO 100

The differences in all the boats and their surroundings allows lots of variations to images. The types of boat, sizes and colours all bring a different element or focus point for each image.

20150530 - pkp - Tabs wedding-16
Yellow and Blue | 1/1600 second exposure | f10 | ISO 1250

The Spinnaker Tower seems to find its way into your images, however it is photogenic amongst a dark night sky, so I did not mind, and it brings a sense of place to an image.

20150530 - pkp - Tabs wedding-17
Ice cream and a Spinnaker | 1/30 second exposure | f4.0 | ISO 12800

Even just a couple of hours helped me capture some images that I can share. I would like to spend more time in Portsmouth, and now have an idea of a location for exploring next time I am back in the UK.

I hope my sample of images peak your interest to explore Portsmouth, see you in Iceland


And remember to follow my journey 🙂

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  1. Luiz Abdo says:

    Amazing pictures!!!!!


    1. paulkporter says:

      Thank you Luiz !!!


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